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“Today’s global market rewards those individuals and companies that are strategically positioned above the competitive standard. Simply stated, business planning consists of taking an objective look at the company, where it is now, where it wants to go, and how is it going to get there.”

“Seven Hills Business Planning and Strategic Management’s operating philosophy dictates there are no insurmountable business problems, just solutions.  SHMCG will facilitate your business growth in a diversified and global marketplace.”

Seven Points of Service Methodology

Opportunity Identification

Scope Outline

Opportunity Definition

Proposal Submission

Information Development/Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Review

Finalized Results

Points of Interest

Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group’s philosophy engenders a professional climate conducive to the development of long term relationships with our clients.  We offer the optimal balance of products and services that is imperative to the formation and consummation of powerful business relationships. Seven Hills corporate culture invokes a high standard of competence, ethics, and integrity.  Our corporate team comprises diverse and distinguished professionals who contribute to the analytical, creative, financial, and technical results required for our success-oriented culture. SHMCG’s key attribute lies in our capability to transform ideas and concepts into tangible, positive, profitable outcomes.

Seven Hills is structured to deliver comprehensive solutions to our targeted clientele and is adept at progressing from project definition to final resolution while maintaining the appropriate degree of confidentiality and trust.  The acceptance and exploration of any opportunity is predicated on a proprietary agreement between current/prospective clients and SHMCG.  It is our objective to secure mutual agreement on costs, needs, resources, and timing prior to execution of any project or related tasks.

Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group, LLC’s (SHMCG) is committed to providing the pinnacle level of service in consultation and management to individuals, businesses and corporate entities.  Capitalizing on over 40 years of practical and business experience, Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group delivers innovative and progressive business results that exceed the unique demands of our clients.

Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group fuses current business strategies with futuristic paradigms that generate solutions and propel clients’ endeavors into positive, profitable results.

Mission Statement/Corporate Vision

Corporate Philosophy

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