“Today’s global market rewards those individuals and companies that are strategically positioned above the competitive standard. Simply stated, business planning consists of taking an objective look at the company, where it is now, where it wants to go, and how is it going to get there.”

“Seven Hills Business Planning and Strategic Management’s operating philosophy dictates there are no insurmountable business problems, just solutions.  SHMCG will facilitate your business growth in a diversified and global marketplace.”

Seven Points of Service Methodology

Opportunity Identification

Scope Outline

Opportunity Definition

Proposal Submission

Information Development/Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity Review

Finalized Results

Points of Interest

About Seven Hills

Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group, LLC (SHMCG) is a corporate entity that provides comprehensive business management and consultative services.  Seven Hills corporate structure accommodates the dynamic demands of a global, diverse marketplace.   The diversity and complexity of the business world requires a superior level of competency, coupled with multiple business disciplines.  Seven Hills provides innovative solutions for a clientele with unique needs and expectations.

Seven Hills Management and Consulting Group distinguishes itself by offering a multilevel, customer service oriented company that delivers success.  Seven Hills is recognized as a progressive company, where the ideals of quality, prompt service, and consistent results are primary.

SHMCG can conduct feasibility analysis with a business summary that enumerates an action plan to optimize operating efficiencies, minimize costs and maximize profitability.  Identification of your business needs for growth opportunities is our primary objective and our niche competency. SHMCG confers with our clients to jointly agree on conceptual direction, designing a plan that will obtain the desired goal.  We capitalize on the aggregate experience and resources to provide our clients the type of service and results that are expected.  SHMCG uses leading edge technology and a dedicated research staff to deliver market intelligence and demographic information required for each project assignment.  SHMCG is prepared to assist our clients in meeting their short term goals and in developing the plan for long term success.  SHMCG is a powerful team with one purpose—to ethically serve the business needs of our clients.

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